Tuesday, June 17, 2008

NST = Not So Terrific

Baby G was not cooperating at this morning's NST. He seemed to be sleeping the whole time, and didn't respond to the doctor's buzzer that he uses to wake up babies. He hasn't moved much at all today, but he was very active yesterday and today is hot, so that could be it. His heartbeat is strong. For the most part.

There are some strange dips in the heartbeat. I forgot what the doctor called it, but it starts to jump when he does move, and then it dips down lower than it should. The doctor said that it *could* indicate that there's a kink in the chord. He did an u/s and the fluid looks good, but he's still concerned and wants me to come back tomorrow for another test.

I asked him if I should be worried, and he said no, but of course I am. Especially since this little one isn't moving so much today. The doc said that we're at the point now where we could safely deliver - but we're SO not ready yet! His nursery has just been primed, and I'm still working on the crib.

Oh, there's a kick. Yay!

Anyway, tomorrow is supposed to be my last day of work, so I scheduled the NST for early in the morning and called to tell the office I'll be in late. I know they'll be disappointed if I don't make it in at all - not because I skipped out, but because it's my last day, and Thursday is my birthday, and they're going to want to make a fuss.

So this is stressful. Also, one of my kitties seems to have run away. =( DH let him out Sunday and I haven't seen him since. He's usually gone a couple days at a time, so we haven't panicked yet, but I'm getting worried.

I sure hope tomorrow's test goes well. Eager as I am to meet Baby G, I'd rather wait another few weeks.


Blogger nancy said...

I'd be scared too. Anything "off" with our babies is scary. I just dont understand how a doctor can say anything that is a step away from normal and then tell us not to worry. It what we do. I'll be hoping all turns out just fine and dandy.

Can I ask a personal question? Why is your last day of work now? Are you going back after the baby is born? Or just taking leave?

The reason I ask is I work up until I go into labor because I only have 12 weeks under FMLA. If I take time off before the baby is born, that cuts into my time WITH the baby. So when I see people getting to take time off before the baby, I'm always interested in the story to see if it could possibly help me in my situation. Thanks!

3:24 PM  
Blogger Poetic Mama said...

((((((((((Mama and Baby G)))))))))) I'm praying and I will call you.

3:36 PM  
Blogger joyous melancholy said...

poetic mama - thanks for the call. It's always calming to hear from someone who's been through it all.

Nancy - I'm in CA, and we get four weeks of leave before the due date and six after. Eight if we deliver by c/s. We can't combine them - if I don't take the four before, that doesn't give me more after. It's use it or lose it. When those 6-8 weeks are up, though, we also get the option to take an additional six weeks to bond with the baby. It's not disability, it's something different, but it's basically the same thing. So tomorrow is my last day of work, 36W exactly. I won't get disability for the first week, that's just how it works, but if I go a week late then I'll be covered. Then I'm taking all 12 weeks after.

I also might not have a job to go back to. They're playing the "we're in a recession" angle, and had already cut my hours to part time a few months ago.
(Which is why I'm not working longer, too - disability will come to about the same amount as me working part time, minus the gas expense). If they can't offer me full time, I'm not going back. I'll look for something else, hopefully something that's flexible so that I can keep the baby out of daycare. I'm choosing not to worry about it right now. It's a small company, so I'm not protected by the FMLA act.

BTW - Baby G is moving a lot more now that we're in air conditioning. And I found my kitty.

5:08 PM  
Blogger joyous melancholy said...

Oh, and I asked the doctor if I should be worried. He gave me the right answer. Can't do much right now anyway, and I'm seeing him again tomorrow, and worrying won't help. So of course I'm worried, but not as much as if he'd said "Be afraid, be very afraid." Worst-case scenario, I deliver early. At least, that's what I'm choosing to believe is worst-case. ;-)

5:10 PM  

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