Wednesday, May 23, 2007

upset stomach ≠ pregnancy (I hope)

My coworker, G, has had an upset stomach for about three days now. She can't keep a thing down, she says she's been up all night the past couple of nights, throwing up. She even took a pregnancy test, because it reminds her of when she had morning sickness. Which scares her, because her son is only seven months old – she has no desire to go through that again so soon.

I didn't say anything when she told me that she took the test. But today she told me that even though the test was negative, her husband has been teasing her, "It's just too early to tell! You're pregnant, I just know it!"

She knows of my TTC journey, it's a tiny little office and I chose to tell her about my difficult time so that she could be sensitive about it as she went through her own pregnancy last year. And for the most part, she has been. She cried with me when my IUI didn't work, she was excited for me when I told her my surgeries had been approved.

I may have been out of line, but I told her that if it turns out that she is indeed pregnant again, I will probably have to leave for the rest of the day when she tells me. "I hope you won't take it personally, but I just want to let you know that I will most likely cry and then leave. Or leave, and cry at home. I'll be happy for you, really I will, but I hope you can understand if it hits me hard, since we've been trying since before you got pregnant last year."

She immediately felt awful. "Oh my gosh, I shouldn't have even brought it up!" I told her it really was okay, I just wanted to give her a heads up in case she is, in fact, pregnant. I don't want her to feel like she can't share with me, I just wanted to let her know what my reaction would mean, before she told me and I reacted and hurt her feelings.

"Was I mean about it?" She said I wasn't. I hope I wasn't. She also probably saw that I was almost in tears just thinking about it, seeing as how her desk is about three feet from mine. She understood what I was trying to say, even if I was abrupt about it.

Truth of the matter, she has always had a sensitive stomach. And she suffers from acid reflux, as do I, and neither of us eat like we should to minimize that. She has her new prescription today, and is feeling better. So I seriously doubt that it's a little bean inside making her sick. Most likely it was the combination of coffee, caesar salad, and Coldstone sundae that did her in.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, I think you were a little mean about it. We all have our problems and worries, her's is about getting pregnant again so soon. It sounds like she was quite supportive to you when you told her about your situation, but you don't come across as having been very supportive to her. I'm sure it is hard for you, but there are some woman out there who have been trying a lot longer for you and have the same if not problems than you, but I'm sure they do not cry and run out of the room every time the word pregnancy is mentioned.
Just my opinion.

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